• Kathleen Van Engen



The term is usually reserved for the brave; you know, who run into burning buildings; risk bullets, or help a stopped heart find it's beat? They transplant organs and defuse bombs. They shut down dealers, pimps, and traffickers. They re-build after hurricanes, tidal waves, and volcanoes. They are our heroes; and rightly so, as our world is better and safer because of them.

But there are other heroes. They make our world better, kinder, and brighter. They are light to dark and painful places. They are everywhere. And so many times, unbeknownst to them; they have saved our lives.

Meet our heroes:

The grandsons who each took an arm to help their grandmother walk down the steps.

The woman who drove a lost wallet to the police station so it could be returned to its owner.

The friend who listened; who gave a hug instead of words because she recognized that sometimes there just aren't any.

The Mom who cares for herself, mind body and soul, because she knows that when she loves herself, she loves them better.

The father who doesn't just stay, but shows up. He throws out hugs, I love you's and I'm sorry, like he has an endless supply, because he knows he does.

The teacher that spends the extra time. Who speaks words of life instead of doubt.

The person who sees a need and knows he has some extra that can fix it. The car, the air conditioner, gifting a fun memory. He gives and in his giving he brings healing.

The nurse that paints the nails or re-checks that symptom. Who sits even though she doesn’t have the time, until she sees them. She makes sure they know that she sees them.

The teenagers who invite the toddler to join their soccer game.

The kid that handed over his favourite truck to the little girl who didn’t bring one.

The friend who attends the baby shower and celebrates her friends even though her own dream of becoming a mother seems to be getting further and further away.

The dad that let’s his sons see him do the dishes, cook dinner, and change diapers.

The people who say I’m sorry. I love you and I shouldn’t have.

The friend who extends the circle. Who moves over and makes room. These are the people who make sure that no one is left behind. They rescue us from isolation.

The couple who calls someone family who doesn’t share their same DNA.

Foster parents.

Adoptive parents.

People who do the right thing. The hard thing. The “isn’t this what everyone should do?” type of things.

These are only some, and friends there are SO. MANY. MORE. They heal, and they save, and they are constantly reminding us of the good in us.

Thank you.

For showing us that we can be better. We can give better. We can love better. And that we too, have all we need to be a hero to someone else.


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