• Jennifer Scarr

What about me?

Ever feel like you’re left behind?

You know, like everyone else’s life has it all coming together and you’re like, ”what about me?”

Life is funny that way, isn’t it?

How we think we have our life all mapped out and yet it often takes a turn or goes in the complete opposite direction?

So, I have a question for you.

Have you ever thought that maybe this “other side” is actually not wasted time? How amidst the confusion, unknown, new experiences, stretching moments, that life was actually walking you down the path that was MEANT for you. The path that was to show you new passions, grow your courage, break your anxiety, deepen your empathy, create new opportunity, and cultivate new roots that really are better when hindsight is surfaced? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe this IS the case?

Maybe your now is hard.

Maybe your now is lonely.

Maybe your now is a struggle to make each day “its best”.

Yet, take a moment to pull yourself out of your now. To pretend for a moment that you can see the greater picture above and realize that this “now” is just a moment. Just a small glimpse of life as a whole. That when you strive to put your best self forward and acknowledge you’re not meant to be perfect, life will all come together ... simply by being YOU.

When was the last time you stopped and realized you were created for a PURPOSE? When was the last time you looked at yourself and said you were PROUD of yourself? When was the last time you took a moment to reflect on how FAR you HAVE come?

You see, life isn’t about being perfect. Life isn’t about experiencing happiness 24/7. Life is something full of everything hard and everything lovely all mixed together into something so very beautiful.

So take a step back today. Not in the “looking back sense” but to take a moment to realize you will be o-k. That you need to BE you. Not the “you” everyone else is trying to tell you you need to be.

You see, life will unfold when it’s supposed to and in the timing that is so very right. Just be present in your now. Your family, your friends, your community, your coworkers, your classmates, your “you name it”, needs you. Yes, YOU. Every ounce of the perfectly imperfect parts. So step back and rest in knowing, seasons don’t last forever. And your passions, heart cries, dreams, goals, they aren’t there by accident.

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