• Emily Burton

Dear Little Me...

Dear little me...

You’re going to be okay.

You’re going to travel the world.

You’re going to do things you can’t dream of.

You’re going to meet incredible people.

You’re going to love.

And be loved.

You’re going to learn to like the way you look.

Yes, how tall you are.

Yes, even your crooked smile.

You’ll figure out how to manage your hair.

And eventually you’ll stop wearing too much eyeliner.

Be confident in who you are.

It’s so much easier that way.

I know you don’t feel like you fit in with a lot of people.

That’s okay.

Be bold.

Be courageous.

Be yourself.

It’s turning you into who you’re going to be

And she’s pretty great.

Your music taste is going to grow a lot.

Songs will connect to you

and they’ll mean a lot of different and important things to you over the years.

Be proud of how much you love One Direction.

They are still your escape from life on tough days.

And yes, you still know every word to every Jonas Brother’s song.

Sing loud.

Tell people how you feel.

Feelings are okay. All of them.

You’re still learning that.

But it gets easier.

One day you’re going to be told that you feel things deeper than other people.

And you’re going to hold on to that.

The world will try and convince you that it’s wrong to feel so deeply.

But you’ll see it as a compliment.

It will be your strength.

You’re not going to marry the boy you have a crush on right now.

But that’s really okay.

You’re going to have a lot of crushes.

And your first kiss isn’t going to go great.

Wait well for the better ones.

That brown eyed girl is still your best friend.

The distance of her leaving for school will make things harder,

You’ll be stronger friends because of it.

And you have a lot of other best friends now too.

And they are all amazing and unique and important.

You make their stories better.

And they do the same for yours.

Keep taking pictures and writing stuff down.

People will laugh when you pull out your phone to capture a moment.

Let them.

Take pride in those moments that make you happy.

Click the camera and hang those memories on your walls.

You love looking back at all that stuff and remembering where you’ve been.

One day you will need those memories to bring light into a dark day.

I’m not saying everything is going to be easy or happy.

You’ve got some moments of hell to walk through.

People you love will be gone too soon.

You’re going to face pain.

And confusion.

And anger.

There will be a day you get sick.

And it will shake your world.

That sickness isn’t going to go away, but you will learn to manage it.

It won’t define you.

There will be good days amongst the bad.

Celebrate those.

There will be days you feel it’s impossible to get out of bed,

But you’ll get out anyways.

Most of the time.

You’ll do it all with friends by your side.

Friends who will sit with you while you ugly cry in their car.

Friends who will bring you caffeine after a sleepless night.

Friends who will go to concerts with you even though they don’t care about the band.

They care about you.

And you’re going to let them love you.

Even when it’s hard.

You’re going to learn a lot of words that connect with your life.

Phrases like anxiety, panic attack, chronic illness.

And as you learn, your life will make a little more sense.

It will feel good to understand them.

But they aren’t the end all of your being.

You’ll learn how strong you are.

You’ll learn what to hold on to and that it’s okay to let go of some things.

And some people.

Pain won’t always be in your life.

It’s voice won’t always be the loudest in your head.

You’ll learn how to silence it.

So really...

You’re going to be okay.

You’re going to get tattoos.

And learn to cook.

You’re going to leave pieces of your heart all over the world.

You’re going to dream big.

You’re going to live those dreams out

And then you’re going to dream some more.

From where I stand it’s beautiful.

From where I stand it’s worth it.

You’re going to be more than okay.

Forever Hers,


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