• Kathleen Van Engen

Help: Jealous Bae


Hi, my boyfriend gets really mad at me if I don’t answer him right away or if I hangout with my friends instead of with him. I don’t want us to break up but obviously Its frustrating that he’s always mad at me. What should I do?


Dear her,

I know you don’t want to break up, but if you want my honest opinion, I say run.

Jealousy isn’t a very attractive quality and to be honest, it’s probably not going away anytime soon. Friendships are crazy important, and my guess is that your good friends aren’t a fan of this guy if he’s keeping you away from them, or if when you’re with them you’re getting texts or snaps the entire time making you feel guilty and distracted.

Have you talked to him about how you feel? How did he react? Did he get mad or make you feel like YOU are overreacting? Red flag my girl. Get out and hangout with your friends; chances are they’ll be there long after your boy is gone.

Always hers,


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