August 30, 2019

A story of looking back, checking in, and moving forward. There are some steps only we can take. There are some choices only we can make.

June 5, 2019

Ever feel like you’re left behind?

You know, like everyone else’s life has it all coming together and you’re like, ”what about me?”

Life is funny that way, isn’t it?

How we think we have our life all mapped out and yet it often takes a turn or goes in the complete opposit...

February 27, 2019

A letter to myself. Because sometimes we're who we really need to talk to. To sit with. To comfort. You, needs you.

December 12, 2018





How easy do you find it to say? I don’t mean a ‘walk around’ version of it; I mean a nice no room for confusion, DIRECT, straight-up, NO. I was terrible at it for years. I’m a little better at it today. I found it hard to say no to anyone except for my pare...